Terms & Conditions/Privacy


When using our services at Laura Mundy Dog Training you agree to the following terms and conditions. Below we also provide you with how any information gathered about you will be used.


All puppies and adult dogs must be up to date with their vaccination schedules or able to provide evidence of titre testing (N.B. Titre testing not accepted for group classes, therapy dogs or assistance dogs). If any dogs are observed to appear unwell when presenting to classes or in private consultations you may be asked to reschedule your training session. Make up sessions may not be able to be provided for group classes missed and fees will therefore be forfeited.

All of our training procedures are based on positive reinforcement training methods. We do not use correction chains, compulsion, intimidation, physical force, spray collars, electronic collars, prong collars, 'dog whispering' methods, forcing dogs or puppies onto their backs or muzzle grabs. Hitting, yelling or forceful methods used towards dogs are also not to be used in our classes or during consultations. When undertaking training with us you understand that harsh methods will not be tolerated in training and our services may be ceased as a result. Such methods will also not be allowed in group classes and ceasing of services within a group class may result in the remaining class fees being forfeited. We will not advocate for the use of aversive methods in training and you agree our methods will focus on using positive based methods.

We ask that you keep a safe distance outside of your dog's leash length reach from all other dogs and people in class settings and private consults. Any social interactions will be guided by the trainer when suitable to do so and assessments of your dog's sociability is undertaken first. If you do so this is done at your own risk and you as the dog’s owner will be held liable for any injuries that may occur as a result. Laura Mundy Dog Training will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur as a result of any non-trainer facilitated interactions that occur within training facility property or outside of training sessions. You agree to indemnify us from any liability to claims, losses, fees or suits that may arise from any information received during services or via information provided on this website.

All information provided to you in sessions including handouts and reports are copyrighted to Laura Mundy Dog Training. Any public sharing of information received must be given consent by us prior to sharing. Written consent can be received by contacting us at info@lauramundydogtraining.com.au


All information collected about you by Laura Mundy Dog Training will only be used to provide our services. Information such as your name, address, contact information and any personal information will be not be shared with any third party. Any sharing of information will only occur if consent is provided by yourself and if directly relevant to the care of your dog. This may relate to referral to another service provider such as a veterinarian or other behaviour consultant at your discretion. Consent for taking any images or video will be asked. Such images or video will only be shared if your consent has been given at the time of booking or verbal consent is gained within the consultation or training.

As some of our work includes working in the area of psychiatric assistance dogs and other therapy dog programs, at times, personal information may be gathered. No information will be shared and will remain the property of Laura Mundy Dog Training unless discussed with yourself if necessary to be shared and consent is given. This may be for sharing information with funding bodies paying for services if relevant or other care providers involved again with your explicit consent given prior. Information only pertaining to providing quality care and services to you and no other information will be shared. Through agreeing to our privacy policy you understand that your personal information will remain private and only relevant information is being gathered in order to provide necessary services.