Group Training Programs

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Puppy preschool (under 16 weeks)

A 5-week comprehensive program covering all things puppy. From socialisation, new experiences, skills training, tricks, preventing problem behaviours and problem solving the common puppy issues. Training skills taught in class is focus, responding to name, come when called, getting used to leash walking, go to a mat, sit, down, stay, meeting other puppies and humans and much more.

Puppy preschool is for all puppies aged from 8 weeks of age and have had their first vaccination. This course is a jam packed course full of fun and learning. Get ready to learn lots of new information but more importantly learning all about how to enjoy your puppy, how to optimise success in your training, and how to get the best start on your life together!


Rookies (5 months +)

This 5-week foundations course is great for building on puppy preschool or for those that are new to training. Covering all of the basic training skills and fundamentals of dog training. The course includes recalls (come when called), loose leash walking, responding to their name, mat, sit, down, stay, target training, leave it, focus, engagement with their humans, settling in distractions and much more.

Our class sizes are kept small (maximum of 5 dogs) to ensure you receive a personalised approach to you and your individual dog. These courses are suitable for those dogs that are social with other dogs and people. If you’ve recently adopted a new dog or are continuing training with a puppy after doing puppy school, you’ll learn lots in this course.


Graduates (advanced training)

For graduates of ‘Rookies’. This advanced ‘Graduates’ program builds on your skills to working within higher levels of distractions, off lead work, tricks, advanced obedience and much more.

This program includes everything from dog sports like obedience and Rally-O, tricks, assistance dog skills, therapy dog skills, advanced manners and much more. This is for those owners serious about taking their dogs to the next level. We give you a taste of all things dog training and help you decide where you’re like to take your dog training future! This course is for those serious owner trainers that want to really want to have fun with their dogs and potentially start a future in their dog working or doing dog sports.