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Therapy dog training and Psychiatric Service Dog Training

Therapy dogs

We all know what an amazing relationship we have with our dogs, and science is showing this relationship we share also has benefits to our psychological health and well being. Therapy dogs are fast becoming a very popular activity for volunteers with well trained and social dogs wanting to visit settings such as aged care facilities, hospitals and much more. These visits can certainly brighten the day for everyone including the residents as well as the owners of the therapy dogs.

If you’ve been considering doing therapy work with your dog, get in touch with us to find out more information about what’s involved. We can help you with the necessary training and also with getting linked in with organisations to visit. We have been working in training therapy dogs and doing therapy dog visits for over 13 years.

Psychiatric service dogs

Psychiatric service dogs are dogs who work for their handler 24/7 to assist with alleviating symptoms of psychological distress and improving every day functioning for their owners. These dogs pass a public access test (PAT) and wear a service dog jacket just as a guide dog for the blind or assistance dog for those needing assistance with physical tasks would do. These dogs are not therapy dogs but rather a highly trained working dog that has legal access to places such as restaurants, shopping centres, cafe’s, theatres, public transport, work, everywhere! I am fortunate enough to be a trainer and assessor for the wonderful organisation, mindDog Australia. If you’re wanting to find out more information about psychiatric service dogs please feel free to contact us to find out more.

We offer discounted training sessions also for owners of mindDog’s in training.

For more information contact us through our contact page


Therapy Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dogs

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