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Private training 

Initial consultations (1.5 hours) $195

Follow-up consultations (1 hour) $130

Private training is most suitable for many behavioural concerns including reactivity and aggression concerns, anxiety, fears/phobias, multi-pet household problems, separation distress and much more. These private sessions are also ideal for those families wanting a more personalised approach to their training or for those experiencing most issues in and around the home.


2 hour ‘new puppy’ and ‘new baby’ consultations


After some private training for your new puppy?

Have a new four-legged addition to your home? Want to get the best start for your puppy but can’t commit to 5 weeks of puppy preschool?

We come to your home and teach you all about the joys (and challenges) of having a new puppy. We are there to answer all your questions about toilet training, nutrition, toys, mouthing, and to teach you many of the basics to getting your puppy started on their training and manners. We can also inform you all about the critical stages of socialisation your puppy is going through and how to give them the safe and positive experiences they need at this stage of their life.

Are you about to welcome a baby and want to prepare your dog now?

We come to your home and help you with much of the training we can do to prepare your dog now for your new baby. This will include working on your dog’s training and manners in the home, getting your dog used to some of the new sights, sounds and smells they will experience once baby arrives, preparing them for new changes to boundaries and routines and much more.


More often than not, most problem behaviours are best addressed one-on-one.  We can come to your home, or can conduct the session at another suitable location upon request. Alternatively you can come to us to save on travel fees if you’re located outside our service areas.

* If we believe your dog may need the involvement of a vet/vet behaviourist we can support you through this process and liaise with your preferred veterinarian.  We can write comprehensive referral letters for you to take to your vet if you prefer.

** Travel surcharges may apply if you’re situated outside of our service areas and the session is conducted in your home. 

*** Cancellations made within 24 hours of your scheduled consultation will result in loss of full consult payment. Cancellations between 24 hours – 72 hours incurs a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations with notice greater than 72 hours is no charge.

Private Training

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