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Group training classes

* Please read note at the bottom of the class list regarding conditions of the classes prior to booking.

Puppy Preschool

For puppies aged 8 – 16 weeks at the beginning of the course. 

$195 (5 x 50 minute weekly classes).

Classes are held on weeknights and Sunday mornings. Check the calendar below through our ‘book in here’ tab to see when the next course dates are starting. Classes can be booked through this page.

Classes are held at: Altona 2nd Scout Hall, 21 Duosa Road, Altona North.

Our comprehensive puppy behaviour and training course teaches:

  • Socialisation to dogs, people, and other stimuli (e.g. skateboards, brooms etc.).
  • Getting your puppy comfortable and prepared for handling by vets, groomers, strangers etc.
  • Enriching your puppies environment to help with alone time.
  • Basic skills including sit, drop, stand, mat, stay, “come” when called, meal time manners, shake, touch……
  • Introduction to leash manners.
  • How to stop unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, mouthing/nipping, toileting accidents and much more.
  • Question and answer time available in class.
  • Family friendly environment with small group sizes.

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Foundation manners and skills training for dogs 5+ months old

5 weeks x 50 minutes course run on consecutive weeks – $195

Weeknight and Sunday morning classes available. Check the calendar within the ‘book now’ button below for upcoming course dates. 

Run at our Altona North training hall.

This course is suitable for those that have completed puppy preschool or are new to training. We focus on teaching the foundation skills such as on your mat, sit, drop, stand, stay, recalls, loose lead walking and a whole lot more.

  • Advance your newly learned puppy skills from puppy school or get started on the basics.
  • Remove food lures and instead use hand signals in your training.
  • Come when called
  • Loose lead walking
  • Wait and stay
  • Engagement games
  • Waiting for meals
  • Going to a mat and staying there
  • How to settle in distractions
  • Focus in distractions
  • How to leave objects
  • Teach your dog more advanced skills such as impulse control in distractions, more attentive leash walking and much more.
  • Enjoy learning some fun tricks and how to use play in training.
  • Gain an even greater level of knowledge in how to take your dog’s training to a whole new level.

You will also learn how to address common issues such as jumping up and appropriate greeting behaviours on lead.

Class sizes kept small to ensure quality personalised attention and to not overwhelm the more shy and fearful dogs.

N.B. This class is not suitable for dogs with reactivity/aggression concerns. Please chat to us about more suitable training options including private lessons and our upcoming “reactives” group training program.

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The Graduates 

$240 (6 x 45 minute group classes)

This course is for graduates of the Rookies program. Take your training to a higher level through fun games based learning that will increase engagement with your dog. Get introduced to Rally-O training, some fun tricks and skills that are based on therapy dog training too. A great all rounder for getting your dog ready for more reliable off lead behaviour as well as on lead behaviour on the streets and at cafes and much more.

Classes are held at the Altona 2nd Scout Hall, 21 Duosa Road, Altona North.

You and your dog will learn to….

  • enhance focus and engagement with your dog around distractions.
  • generalising training skills to new settings as well as at great distances and for longer durations.
  • start doing your training skills outdoors in the real world.
  • introduce some more tricks and complex behaviours not taught in the basic programs such as ‘back’, emergency stops, distance position changes and much more.
  • begin chaining together multiple skills.
  • this course prepares you and your dog for more advanced obedience and other training options such as Rally-O, Pet Dog Ambassador certification program, agility training and much much more!


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Terms of enrolment in our training programs

* Please note that all of our training is undertaken using positive reinforcement focussed methods. No correction chains, bark collars or other aversive equipment is to be warn to training. No aversive corrections towards dogs in class are allowed (including compelling dogs into position physically, smacking, yelling, growling, squirting dogs with spray bottles, circling dogs in a head halter etc). If this is done we will help train you to use other techniques to modify your dog’s behaviour instead. If it’s done repeatedly you will be asked to leave class.

Group training

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